need help?

Here is a simple breakdown of where to go for support. For more specific needs, please visit our database to find local and international support. 

At Home

whanau or friends who will...

At work

reach out to...

In the Community

reach out to...


if you are worried about their immediate safety (or those around them)

Open Source Resources

Key Facts and Figures

Caution: Some people may find parts of this content confronting or distressing. Please carefully consider your needs when reading information about suicide.

The Ministry of Health and the Office of the Chief Coroner have a new interactive webtool providing a single comprehensive source of information on deaths by suicide in Aotearoa New Zealand. You can find it here.

The Mental Health Foundation has detailed statistics on suicide in New Zealand, as well as a list of risk factors and signs to look out for. You can find this here

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